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FE31-Baby Spoon Feeder 90ml
FE31-Baby Spoon Feeder 90ml
FE31-Baby Spoon Feeder 90ml
FE31-Baby Spoon Feeder 90ml
FE31-Baby Spoon Feeder 90ml
FE31-Baby Spoon Feeder 90ml
FE31-Baby Spoon Feeder 90ml
FE31-Baby Spoon Feeder 90ml
  • SKU: FE031-GRN

FE31-Baby Spoon Feeder 90ml

Rs.499 Rs.750
  • This is the modern-day replacement for plate and spoon for feeding your baby. No need to prepare food into a plate and cover and a spoon. It also helps in preparing your baby to accept the round shape of a spoon.
  • Simply fill the silicone spoon feeder bottle with the pureed food and gently squeeze until the desired amount collects on the spoon to feed the baby because it’s safe and easy.
  • The protective cover keeps food from leaking, making the squeeze feeder ideal for travel. It’s perfect to feed on the go and it’s definitely a lot less to carry with compared to plates, lids, and spoon.
  • Simply fill the spoon feeder with the desired amount of baby food or cereal, and give the soft silicone feeder a gentle squeeze.
  • The baby food is allowed to pass through a hole in the spoon’s neck and into the bowl of the spoon. Feeding time has never been so easy.
  • When your baby starts eating cereals, it’s time to give them something different that could not only help them to feed, but also give them a nice self-feeding training to eat properly.
  • Our premium cereal feeders will be the best choice for your baby’s complete food-time.
  • Another reason why you should buy this is that it doesn’t spill food. Makes it easy to transport food and simply lock tightly and shake for you to have a thorough mix.
  • Age Group: Over 3 Months
  • Capacity: 3 Oz / 90 ml
Soft silicone baby spoon bottle
Capacity 90ml
Material  100% food grade silica gel
Color Pink, green, blue,

Non-toxic and odorless,healthy,eco-friendly,safe,flexible. 


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